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Innovative Aviation Consulting (IAC) is a service provider for consulting, management, planning and product development in the field of quality and safety for the aviation world. We offer all your organization needs to integrate safety and quality in the main structure of your business, being air operators (AOC´s or specializaed operations as aerial work or "A to A"), aircrafts maintenance centers (MRO´s) or flight crews training organizations (ATO´s). We cover aeroplanes, helicopters, RPA's and any kind of aircrafts.

We employ all our knowledge with an innovative vision in the field of air transport, assisting and advising in the development and management of your business, either from the beginning or with an optimization and continuous monitoring of your existing project. Our collaboration is based on a commitment to develop solutions customized to the processes of your organization.

Our specialties are the development and optimization of quality assurance and control systems, safety management systems, aviation organizations manuals and expositions, aviation regulations compliance monitoring and aviation security.

Our Services

Innovative Aviation Consulting (IAC) provides all the expertise of its staff to achieve the maximum efficiency in processes for quality, safety and aviation security management.

These are some of our services:

  • Implementation and continued management of Aviation Safety Management Systems, Compliance Monitoring Systems (CMS) and Aviation Security Management Systems (SeMS).
  • Development and improvement of regulations compliance manuals for EASA commercial, aerial works and general aviation Operators, MRO’s, ATO’s and any kind of FSTD Operators.
  • Aviation organizations documental control management.
  • Comprehensive management of SAFA ramp inspections (ARO.RAMP) for EASA and non-EU Operators. EASA TCO certification.
  • Development and management of safety certifications as IOSA, ISAGO, IS-BAO and specific ISO for Operators.
  • Management of flight and cabin crewmembers and operations staff training procedures and records keeping to grant EASA regulations compliance.
  • Operational engineering analysis and planning management.
  • Monitoring, reporting and verification of greenhouse gas emissions in the framework of the Emissions Trading System for operations within the European Union (EU-ETS).
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If you need more information about our services or wish to make request or inquiry, just call us or send us an e-mail. At Innovative Aviation Consulting (IAC) we are glad to assist you.

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